Hear from a UTS graduate

Barsha Karki, Nepal
Master of Engineering Studies (Telecommunications) and a Master of Engineering Management

1m 37s

My experience at UTS has been really wonderful. I’ve used a lot of the services. When I started, when I first came to Australia, I went to the International Office. They helped me with my [inaudible] program. I got services from the Peer Networkers. Being in Sydney, such a vibrant city, and providing the courses that I was really interested in, that’s what got me enrolled at UTS.

At UTS, I worked in a lot of group assignments with people from different skill sets, different level experience. That has helped me develop my soft skills, plus all the technological abilities that I’ve gained through my Master of Engineering studies – they’ve really helped me in my career.

For me, I think all the lecturers at UTS are very clear on the delivery. It was quite, the techniques they use in delivering the lectures are quite unique and good. It involves a lot of participation and open communication from the students. You know, we get to work on online assessments, group assignments and I think that’s something that really stands out from the courses that I did here.

My experience at UTS has helped me prepare to be where I am today. I’m an integral part of a complex selling cycle. Having had that experience in UTS, you know, with the mix of people from different culture, different skill sets, that has really prepared for me to be where I am today.


A Day in the life: Mellisa Soesanto

1m 29s

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Hi My name is Mellisa and I am doing Bachelor of Medical Science and International Business. Now I would like to show you what it’s like studying at University of technology Sydney. So behind me is the new building of the graduate School of Health and Science building.

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Welcome to our campus

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This video has no speech. It shows the location of buildings and facilities on the UTS campus.

For more information, visit the Campus map and facilities website on www.uts.edu.au/about/maps-and-facilities/campus-maps-and-facilities

Discover the sights of Sydney

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Sydney is a cultural and vibrant international gateway with something for everyone to enjoy. From exciting events and activities, to beautiful green pockets where you can relax and take in the sites.

Source: City of Sydney